Cross Platform Programming Languages

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Fri Jan 19 02:35:32 CST 2007

Jon Soong wrote:
>> Glen Turner wrote...
>> I've got my doubts about Java too, but I'm not an applications 
>> programmer so I'm not buying into this.  Beyond saying that my 
>> biases incline me towards Michael's suggestion of Python or 
>> (less so) Perl and that I've heard good things of wxWindows.
> Hmm..  I'm not sure what your doubts about Java are? It's slow? It's ugly? 

It reminds me of Djikstra's criticism of PL/I -- using it is
like kicking a whale up a beach.  The Java universe is simply
too large to get your head around.  That's not what you want
for an application language.

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