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Michael Davies michael at
Wed Jan 17 05:05:48 CST 2007

On 1/17/07, Evan <evan_lsa at> wrote:
> List,
> I am on the hunt as part of a project to select a development language.
> I was looking at Kylix/Delpi but it appears the language has been
> dropped to a degree and it isn't clear from my googling at which point
> it's at.
> I also looked at mono but it appears too 'in development' for my needs.
> These are my preferred platforms for compatability with Linux/win32
> Consequently, I seek advice based on REAL WORLD experiences in
> developing cross platform apps.
> Web based apps are not an option.
> Thin based clients perhaps will be but I'd rather not go down that track
> at this point.
> So if anyone has developed in something (and I can't help but seeing
> Java) could you let me know what, where and how it all happened.

Python and Perl both are very good from a cross-platform perspective.
There is so much software developed in these two languages it's not
funny.  For an example of "real world" consider the arcade quality
game "Galcon" ( -
it's all python - and runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.  Or TurboGears
( for a framework example.

Both are agile languages ("wrist friendly"), have huge followings and
community support, and support methodologies like test-first

If source code access is something that you need to limit (aka
proprietry development) both Perl and Python provides ways to prevent
that access.


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