Cross Platform Programming Languages

Jonathan Wheare jonathan.wheare at
Wed Jan 17 01:09:54 CST 2007

Evan wrote:
> List,
> I am on the hunt as part of a project to select a development language.
> I was looking at Kylix/Delpi but it appears the language has been
> dropped to a degree and it isn't clear from my googling at which point
> it's at.
> I also looked at mono but it appears too 'in development' for my needs.
> These are my preferred platforms for compatability with Linux/win32
> Consequently, I seek advice based on REAL WORLD experiences in
> developing cross platform apps.
> Web based apps are not an option.
> Thin based clients perhaps will be but I'd rather not go down that
> track at this point.
> So if anyone has developed in something (and I can't help but seeing
> Java) could you let me know what, where and how it all happened.
> Or any other suggestions
> thanks
> Evan
In my previous job I was involved in the development of Psychological
testing software.  The aims were low latency, reliability and a
reasonable level of flashiness.
I did a reasonable chunk of it with c++ and the Simple Directmedia Layer
library.  The programs were built natively on Linux and using Cygwin on
windows.  The performance was excellent but things would break for the
most bizzare reasons.  At one point I was assigning an array statically
which worked fine under Linux but would segfault under Cygwin.  I found
that if I changed to using "new" and a pointer it would work fine on
both platforms.  Libraries that I took for granted under Linux would
also quite often have to be built by hand. 
The major advantage of doing it this way was that none of the libaraies
needed installation.  Quite often experimenters would go out onsite with
a cd and either run the files directly off the disk, or do a simple copy
onto the client computer - no registry keys or administrator access


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