[JOB] Casual Systems Administrator/Programmer

Abigail Davis abigail at ehost.com.au
Tue Jan 16 01:50:07 CST 2007

Hi all,

Secure eHost Pty Ltd www.ehost.com.au is currently seeking a casual systems
administrator/programmer to work remotely from anywhere you like commencing
asap in January 2007. Approx 2+ hrs/week.

Job Description:
Provide support as required for systems administration of 1 Linux
(redhat-like) server that runs a web based e-commerce application and hosts
a number of secure sites. Provide high level support for web-hosting clients
in all manner of areas as required. e.g. email, scripting, DNS, webserver.

Required application experience:
Apache 2 including multiple virtualhosts and SSL, tomcat, Gnu Privacy Guard
(gpg), sendmail, MySQL, postgresql

Optional application experience:
Exim, Cpanel, vsftpd, BIND

Required programming experience:
Perl, PHP, shell

Optional programming experience:

Exposure to and good understanding of:

For more information and/or to apply please email your resume to
abigail at ehost.com.au.


Abigail Davis
Managing Director
Secure eHost Pty Ltd
Tel: 0409 830 927

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