Rant: Configuration Rave: SELinux

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Jan 15 14:47:16 CST 2007


> You really have to wonder how much system testing Red Hat do and
> how much analysis of use cases they put into the design of their
> GUI tools.

RedHat's GUI administration tools have always been...peculiar...since at 
least RedHat 5.X. IIRC, I'd quietly tell people to quickly learn how to 
configure their machines without them just in case the RedHat tool did 
something bizarre and you had to fiddle to get it back.

> And a final rant, why do all the system performance monitoring
> tools suck?

So that you can rant about them? It's about as sensible answer as any 
other, methinks.


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