EOI - Linux Developer required

Evan evan_lsa at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 10 00:06:20 CST 2007

Soon we will be embarking on a project to replace our Point of Sale 
system at Cheap as Chips.
I have done little in terms of assessing what is available from an open 
source perspective so it may end up there once I do or a combination of 
sourceforge + customisation.

The options obviously are Windows or Linux.

Preference is for a Linux based solution from a licensing perspective of 
the OS. However we cannot discount the possibility of developing in 
Windows either.

Consequently, I figured my development platform will be either 
Delphi/Kylix or .NET/Mono just to keep the options open (or possibly Java)

Given my time (or lack of) I am looking to at least get some names of 
likely, willing developers to do the majority of the development.

So, if anyone out there knows of someone who can cut the code 
understands Linux, Mysql, ODBC, Delphi, .NET or Java I would be most 
interested in hearing about it. I expect the project ot take about 6 
months or so then there is the rollout phase which will backend to the 

On/Off list replies are fine



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