System z as a Linux and Open Source "Platform Star"

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I'm biased ... but ...  (FYI: 3 Mainframes sold in Adelaide last year!)
IBM Mainframe Offers Unmatched Security and Power Efficiency, Analyst Says
Friday December 29 2006
Independent Report Crowns System z as a Linux and Open Source "Platform Star"

Independent analyst firm Ptak, Noel & Associates said the System z
mainframe is a "rising star" for emerging IT market segments in
addition to meeting "the needs of a significant portion of the IT
market that demands unrelenting and unmatched reliability, security,
and control." The analyst also cited [1] the mainframe's power
efficiency, noting IBM data demonstrating the platform can be
configured to require 1/12th the electricity as a distributed server
farm with equivalent processor capability. more...

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