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Sun Jan 7 22:20:35 CST 2007

Happy New Year

Belated Christmas presents...

Check out two exciting resource centers on developerWorks for
developers of Web based applications -- the new Ajax (Asynchronous
JavaScript and XML) resource center and the PHP resource center.

Get access to the latest technical information on Ajax and PHP
technologies, including tools, software downloads, articles,
tutorials, events, and documentation. Take advantage of the technical
forums and other community tools for information exchange with fellow
developers, programmers, and IT architects.

The Ajax resource center helps developers create more interactive Web
applications with Ajax technologies. It gathers together technical
resources for PHP, ATOM, RSS, Ruby, and Web development frameworks
like Spring, Shale, Struts, Rails, and Tapestry.

The PHP project resource center, part of the developerWorks Open
source zone, goes in-depth with tutorials and articles on new PHP
technologies, including object oriented programming, IDE comparison,
debugging techniques, and how-tos on using the latest version of PHP.

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