ubuntu command for delete please - resolved (sort of)

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Mon Jan 1 02:10:19 CST 2007

On 25Dec2006 10:16, Denise Tzumli <denise at aarli.com.au> wrote:
| I've had lot's of help for this, and apart from the instructions 
| sent to the list I've had from Karl the helpful hints
| >press tab twice will list commands.
| >`apropos` will search man pages for a keyword. (eg `apropos remove`)
| The sort of resolution is I tried the simple:
| rm /windows/programfiles/adobe  was told no such file or directory
| then rm /Windows/Program Files/Adobe  and was told
| rm: cannot remove `/Windows/Program': No such file or directory
| rm: cannot remove `Files/Adobe': No such file or directory

The shell is seeing "rm /Windows/Program Files/Adobe" as three words.
You need to make it see two words, like this:

  rm '/Windows/Program Files/Adobe'

The quotes cause the shell to treat "/Windows/Program Files/Adobe" as
one string.

The file completion suggestions of others (pressing TAB on some prefix
of the path you're typing) cause the shell you expand the path and quote
it as necessary for you.

Note that you need to say "rm -r" to remove a directory; without a -r
option (recursive) the rm command will only remove files.

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