Desktop Linux Results 2007

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Fri Aug 24 09:46:34 CST 2007

Sorry Romanda.. No editor wars.. But im happy to poke the sleeping

Fantastic _vim_ weather today, as I look out my windows and see _vim_
the sun shinning. :P

They have a little write up on their site about their conclusions, I
didn't really want to make many comments on the outcome due to the risk
of my mailbox being full of polite 'you're a clown emacs/redhat
5.2/pine/whatever OwnZ Jo0' emails.

- Michael

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On Friday 24 August 2007 08:25:07 Haarsma, Michael (SAPOL) wrote:
> Summary of results:
> 30% - Ubuntu
> 21% - Suse
> 14% - Other Debian
> 9% - Fedora/RH
> 7% - Gentoo
> 18% - Other (best of which was Mandriva) Surprised that Suse has made 
> such gains, and surprised that Ubuntu isnt further in front 45% - 
> Gnome 35% - KDE 8% - XFCE 12% - Other Not surprised.
> 60% - Firefox
> 14% - Konqueror
> 12% - Opera
> 14% - Other
> Surprised FF isnt further infront
> Thunderbird and Evolution are very similar - no surprises there Wine 
> leads by a long way with vmware next also a long way in front of 3rd -

> again no surprises there.

/me grabs tea, settles down for hopeful distro/browser/desktop manager
with bonus editor (emacs sucks) battle would be nice!

r (kubuntu gutsy, vi(m), firefox, kmail, atm. it changes regularly.
except vi(m). it rocks my child noisy world:)  )
-o)    Romana Branden
 /\\   Nothing - well, thats something.
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