The ICT Council for SA needs *you*

Ian ilox11 at
Fri Sep 29 08:21:13 CST 2006

Hi Greg, I have built and maintained several Joomla sites - you
can find Joomla at
I am currently rebuilding my first site at http://www.alrm/
trying to get a tableless template.

Joomla is a great product and completely FOSS forever. It is a
simple system to set up and maintain and it allows the
maintenance tasks to be farmed out amongst a range of access
levels so different people can be responsible for different tasks
and elements.

The Joomla community is very active and supportive and their
record on responses to security alerts is excellent. They have a
forward looking Roadmap and are working towards the goal of
database indifference among other developments.

If you/they agree to do a Joomla site I would be very happy to
assist in the implementation and the maintenance. I would also -
in the spirit of FOSS - be happy to assist training others in
developing and managing a Joomla site.
Cheers, Ian
Vote for Joomla! NOW

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