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Okay Janet, sort of pressed for time but I can give you a basic rundown of my 
activities. Let me know if you need further data, might take a few days 

Marree RTC: 
Location - Marree, SA. Affected one small town and the surrounding stations
Purpose - the Marree RTC provides internet and computer access to a very 
disadvantaged community and the tourists who travel through it. 
Problem - Terrible network setup, no security, hideous bandwidth management 
and no trainined staff. 
Project - Set up a Smoothwall firewall, incorporating HTTP and DNS proxy and 
ad filtering. This provided perimiter security as well as drastically 
improving the actual speeds for the end users. 
Additionally network documentation was created {network map, hardware audit, 
basic management protocols} and basic network management training was 
provided to the staff.
Cost - a greatly reduced fee, paid for by the local Progress Association.
Status - Completed

Copley Community Net Cafe:
Location - Copley, SA. Affected one small town and the surrounding stations 
and Aboriginal communities
Purpose - To provide internet and computer access to the remote community.
Problem - no existing infrastructure, very low technical literacy
Project - Create a network initially consisting of 8 computers running Ubuntu 
and protected by a Smoothwall firewall. Plans to increase the number of 
machines over time. Basic technical training will be provided to some people, 
and a 'homework club' set up based around the technology
Cost - Building funded by a grant to restore the community hall. This project 
uses one room of the building. Computers provided at very low cost by 
WorkVentures ConnectIT with the help of a grant from CBSA. Labour provided 
free, with some hours covered under my normal employment by the Aroona 
Status - Grant and building secured, computers sourced, awaiting my return 
from overseas to implement.

{And in case Indonesia counts}
Satunama IT Upgrade:
Location - Sleman, a village on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. Directly affects 
one organisation {USC-Satunama}, who in turn affects rural communities across 
the country.
Purpose - a Community Development / Education / Pro-Democracy organisation
Problem - Woefully inadequate IT system run almost completely on pirated 
Project - Upgrade the entire organisations IT infrastructure. Some hardware 
upgraded, all desktops shifted to Kubuntu, servers shifted to a mix of 
Ubuntu, Gentoo and Smoothwall. Local IT tech trained up, all users given 
basic Linux and OpenOffice training, organisational IT policy documents 
Cost - Jointly funded by USC-Satunama and Australian Business Volunteers
Status - Desktop rollout 90% complete, servers 80% functional, documentation 
in final draft form. Project ends on the 14th of November but is expected to 
be completed ahead of schedule.

- Noven

On Friday 29 September 2006 09:18, Janet Hawtin wrote:
> I'm interested in what kinds of things are happening for remote
> communities on Linux.
> I'd like to make a short fact sheet kind of thing.
> Examples of projects which have been done or folks interested in doing
> new stuff
> be specific about the kinds of geographic scope and technology scope
> youre interested in and whether youre volunteer or would be applying
> for grants or fee for service. Post me off list and I'll post the fact
> sheet back and folks can ask for changes.
> Janet

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