Mail being setuid to nobody

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Sep 29 04:38:11 CST 2006

On 29Sep2006 09:42, Andrew Galdes <Andrew.Galdes at> wrote:
| My mail logs show that emails are setuid to 'nobody'. As a result my
| statistics scripts are less usefull. Is there a way to prevent this from
| happening? I don't understand why this needs to happen...?
| The system is a mail gateway and running spamassassin and postfix. 
| Sample from /var/log/mail:
| Sep 29 09:33:19 mail spamd[2566]: spamd: setuid to nobody succeeded

Your logs are showing spamassassin transmuting itself from whatever it
starts as (possibly root) into the "nobody" user, which should own no
files and therefore be close to unprivileged. This is a deliberate
security action, preventing bugs in spamassasin from damaging the
system. Plenty of things do this, and with good reason.

Why not tell us exactly what you're trying to compute, and exactly how that
is damaged by this irrelevant log line?
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