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Subject: What do we need in a venue?
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I know we are meeting up on Saturday to talk about this anyway, but I
thought I might as well say something now.

Since we seem to have a few options for the venue, I thought it would
be a good idea to decide upon a rough idea of what we need in a

Here are a few things we should keep in mind, not all of these are
necessary requirements, just "plusses". Also, lots of these things
depend totally on how many people we can get to come.
Completely open to suggestion:

* At least one large area for people to park PCs, desks and possibly
* A place to sleep, if not at the venue, then walking distance away.
* Hopefully two smaller rooms for conferences/talks
* Fast and (relatively) cheap Internet access, preferably already set
* Plenty of power - I have no idea what is needed for this.
* Bathroom, two is better
* Kitchen(?) - Coffee, microwaved nachos, etc etc..
* Security  - We will have things like projectors, and networking gear
there. Not to mention all the gear that people will bring along. At
least some of this will have to stay overnight. This is less of an
issue if we can sleep there.
* Not too far away. The event is just after first week of uni. And we
should assume that people need to be doing things on friday and monday.
So, being within the Adelaide Metro public transport system is pretty
* Suitable for parking over a whole weekend - This basically means,
anywhere but the CBD.

Ps. Im not sure how many people are on this mailing list yet, so if you
know other people that won't get this, please forward it on to them.

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