Carputer (Car Computer) through Linux?

David Wolverton david.wolverton at
Tue Sep 19 06:54:33 CST 2006

> > On 9/16/06, David Wolverton 
> <david.wolverton at> wrote:
> > > Vehicle to be installed into: BMW Limited - E36 Series. (1997)
> > 
> > There is a guy in Belgium who has done something very similar to his
> > E36 BMW, his URL is
> > 
> > He does carputer installations professionally so may be 
> able to help,
> > there is also pictures of his E36 on the URL listed above which may
> > provide pointers or inspiration. Its European so the dash etc is
> > reversed but it gives you an idea as to how it could look in an E36.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > 
> > James
> Hi James,
> Thanks to the details on your Belgian friend!
> I'm off to have the front struts on my wife's car replaced 
> (My brother-in-law is helping me) for now - but will email 
> him when I get home later tonight. (We're staying for a BBQ 
> afterwards.)
> Oh, and since his E36's pickies are posted on his web site, I 
> just thought I'd clarify that your friends Beemer is an AC 
> Schweitzer M Series E36. (Not sure whether it's older or 
> younger - but I suspect it's an older model year wise) which 
> regardless is farrrrrrrrrr better than mine (performance 
> wise) and quite different interior and exterior wise.
> Details wise: His is a Coupe, mine's a 4 door sedan. His has 
> all the racing/high performance souped up engine options, 
> mine doesn't. Dash is completely different - etc etc etc. 
> (Just didn't want anyone to think mine's as good as his...  
> In fact, mine's not even in the same league!)  *lol* Perhaps 
> I'll post some photos on my web site as well for those that 
> care to see the difference...
> Regardless - Thanks again for the link, and I'll keep the 
> list posted as to whether your friend can help FOSS my car or not.
> Regards,

Hi James/all,

Your Belgian friend got back to me last night and, unfortunately, it
seems that they only deals in Microsoft front end/back ends so is unable
to help/make suggestions as to where to turn - which brings me back to
square one, I guess.  :-(

Can anyone on this list:

(A) Point me to someone capable of customising a Distro? (If it's a
reasonable fee, I'll pay)
(B) Know of anyone they can recommend who already has customised a
Distro capable of running a Carpc?
(C) Point me to a FOSS Site/IRC channel/Blog - Etc where I can further

There are dozens of CarPC Distro's out there, for Microsoft, that have
very well established reputations for doing the job so it's no problem
to get something up and running - but I'd honestly prefer to go FOSS.
And let's face it, this is a great opportunity because so few people
have seen CarPC's and so a lot of people will want to see it for
themselves when it's all installed and I start talking about it (which I
obviously will to all and any who'll listen)

Any assistance/positive suggestions greatly appreciated,


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