filesize limit

Adam Hawes adamh at
Mon Sep 18 00:41:24 CST 2006

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> When I run a program, I got "filesize too large" error (My output 
> file size is too large".  I check the system definition and found
> the file size is "no limit"in my computer.  How to fix this problem?
You don't give much information.  Are you reading a file, copying a file,
creating a file, testing a program you wrote, what what what?

How big is the file?  Some programs run into problems at 2G and 4G
depending on how the program is written.

What filesytem are you using?  VFAT can't handle anything bigger than 2G.

You need to ask smart questions to get smart answers.  The first
solution to your problem is don't use such big files!


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