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Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 05:24:52 CST 2006

Would be great to get a few open source organisations represented at this event.

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From: Doug Jacquier <dj at cisa.asn.au>
Date: Sep 15, 2006 12:22 PM
Subject: Nonprofit ICT - Public meeting following up survey

Dear Nonprofit ICT Survey respondent
You are receiving this email because you were one of the many
organisations in South Australia that completed the recent national
nonprofit ICT survey. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to do
that. We said then that we would invite those who gave us their email
address to also attend a public meeting. Details are below and I hope
we can meet there.

Just as a brief reminder, a study is currently under way to assess the
possibility of establishing a national nonprofit ICT coalition (or
NNIC), with a view to developing the information and communications
technology capacity of Australia's nonprofit organisations (visit the
NNIC section of www.communIT.info for full details). This DCITA-funded
study is being undertaken by a consortium involving CISA, ACOSS,
Monash University's Centre for Community Networking Research, Work
Ventures, Albany Consulting and Energetica.

As part of that study we will be holding public meetings in major
cities around Australia (unfortunately the budget provided does not
stretch to regional visits but there will still be an opportunity for
you to have your input via comments on the draft report, which will be
available in October.)

The Adelaide public meeting will be held at 3pm on Thursday 28
September, at the Disability Information and Resource Centre (DIRC),
195 Gilles St, Adelaide.

Please RSVP for this important event by return email to this address
by Friday 22 September. A draft of the program is below. We look
forward to seeing you there.

Doug Jacquier, CEO, CISA
Convenor, NNIC Consultation consortium

1      Introductions and overview

Who's in the discussion; purpose of the session

2      Issues and Insights

A summary of the main issues that have come out of the consultations
and the national nonprofit ICT survey responses and some of the key
themes emerging.

3      What is the problem we're trying to solve?

Encapsulating what we think the coalition proposal is really trying to
achieve. We'll try to define in a couple of sentences what it is we
think are the key outcomes the coalition is trying to secure.

4      What are the options for a 'coalition'?

A presention on the main options for the structure and sustainability
of a national coalition.

5      Response to the options – preferences and priorities

Open discussion about the options and input what other suggestions
there are or any variations on the options put forward.

6.       Close of Meeting

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