Resizing Logical Partition with GNU Parted....

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Mon Sep 11 22:59:12 CST 2006


> There won't be any free sectors available for a new partition until you
> move the end of hda3. So have you tried:-
>         1. Disable swap (boot into single user, etc.)
>         2. Delete hda11
>         3. Adjust the end of hda3 to leave enough unallocated sectors
>         for the new partition
>         4. Create hda4
>         5. Re-create hda11 (or combine with step 2, etc.)

That's a point. Providing STUPID PCs don't expect the primary partitions 
to be at the start of the disk that should work...

[eg: let's represent the partitions as contiguous letters:

A = 1 (Primary) (W/100 * G)
B = 2 (Primary) (X/100 * G)
C = 3 (Extended) (Y/100 * G)
D = Not used

...where (W + X + Y) = 100 and G is the size of the disk, and A,B,C,D 
are all contiguous on the disk (that is if A ends at sector 5, B starts 
at sector 6).

Now, if silly PCs will let me reduce the value of Y and introduce a Z 
such that:

(W + X + Y + Z) = 100

...this should solve my problem. What's the bet there's some legacy crap 
which blocks me from doing this?]


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