Resizing Logical Partition with GNU Parted....

Romana Branden romana at
Mon Sep 11 02:19:57 CST 2006

On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 11:33:30AM +0930, Wayne Sierke imparted:
> At this level of manipulation I wouldn't have thought the type of file
> system would be an issue? But I've never used parted, as much as I'd
> like to. Most of my partition juggling has involved resizing ntfs and
> fat32 partitions and I've always resorted to using Partition Magic (with
> a 100% success rate - so far).

i have had occasion to use qtparted* from knoppix once, and an ubuntu live (dapper) cd
twice now, and it has resized ntfs patitions with ease. and no issues,
which is even more important. ntfs is - interesting at times under
fat32 has aways worked under parted, the many times i have used it.

*qtparted being the gui version of parted.
Romana Branden
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