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Nicholas Thiele Thiele.Nicholas at
Fri Sep 8 05:47:25 CST 2006

Can 'umask' grant extra permissions?  When we 'touch' a file in a
specific directory it doesn't get execute permissions.  We want to
ensure that every file created in a specific directory gets execute
permissions.  Is there something we are missing?

Nic T.

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*grr* didn't finish the last reply before the fat fingers hit enter.

<quote bash>
umask [-p] [-S] [mode]
The user file-creation mask is set to mode.  If mode begins with a
digit, it is interpreted as an octal number; otherwise  it is
interpreted as a symbolic mode mask similar to that accepted by
chmod(1).  If mode is omitted, the current value of the mask is printed.
The -S option causes the mask to be printed in symbolic form; the
default output is  an octal number.  If the -p option is supplied, and
mode is omitted, the output is in a form that may be reused as input.

The return status is 0 if the mode was successfully changed or if no
mode argument was supplied, and false  otherwise.

Umask will do what you want :) (man 2 umask)


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