re links and so on

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Thu Sep 7 12:01:37 CST 2006


> I find links can be quite interesting sometimes as I'm still learning a
> lot of stuff about open source software, Linux and a lot of stuff
> regrading tech. Also some of the stuff is is just plain interesting.

I wouldn't say any links that anyone has posted have been totally 
irrelevant. However, it's possible that the frequency of posting and 
such has exceeded the tolerance of the current LinuxSA community.

You might ask: so where do *I* find these links for myself? That's a 
legitimate question, The funny thing is that whilst I know of the links, 
I can't list them off by heart...

I think that a list of interesting places to find out stuff could be 
placed at LinuxSA's links page? Whilst I think the LinuxSA web-design is 
just crap (sorry, Geoff, if you want me to come up with something better 
I will), at least it will increase the links to them thus increasing 
those sites google ratings.


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