using compressed filesystems on cds

Brian Astill bastill at
Thu Sep 7 06:37:30 CST 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 15:30, Karl Goetz wrote:
> I'm just trying to find out how to use a compressed file system
> on a cd (or if its possible at all).
> I found a knoppix remastering howto at, but what i
> want to do is simply put a compressed filesystem on a cd so i
> can fit more then 700mb on it.
> Is it possible?

It was certainly possible on the old DOS system, where LZEXE could 
uncompress/compress .exe files "on the fly" using LHA 
However, what you wish to do is somewhat more complex, and the 
knoppix example is the first one I would investigate.  It's FOSS, 
after all.


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