how to set next 5 days

Zitian Guo ZGuo at
Tue Sep 5 22:24:00 CST 2006

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for help.

I want to 

date -d '060905 - 4 hours' +%y%m%d%h

But this does not work.

Do you know how to do this?



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On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Zitian Guo wrote:

> In order to do weather forecast every day, I need to set up beginning and
> time in the script.  I can use "data -u %Y%m%d" to set the time for to day,
> how can I set the time for the next 5 day?

Do you really want to set the time or just read it ?

To view the current UTC date:
 	date -u +%Y%m%d
To view the current UTC date in 5 days time:
 	date -u +%Y%m%d --date="5 days"

If you wanted localtime instead of UTC, remove the -u switch.


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