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fluxbuntu is released:
Fluxbuntu is a Ubuntu-based derivative that uses FluxBox as the desktop
environment (window manager). It is lightweight, swift and efficient
compared to Gnome or KDE. These features makes Fluxbuntu suitable for
vast range of computers, from low-end to high-end.
(disclaimer - im a user of xubuntu, the xfce based version, even though 
i use fvwm. cassy (11 1/2) loves her xubuntu, and despite a recent upgrade to
faster rig, has decided to stay with xfce, rather than the kubuntu
variant abby(nearly 14) prefers)

using macromedia dreamweaver (and studio) & flash 8 on ubuntu:
This HOW-TO covers up the whole process of installing Macromedia
Dreamweaver 8 & Macromedia Flash 8 in a Ubuntu box in a few simple
steps. Any questions or feedback leave them in the comments. This method
can be applied also to make Macromedia Studio 8 run under Ubuntu.

Romana Branden
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