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Haarsma, Michael (SAPOL) michael.haarsma at
Tue Sep 5 01:58:29 CST 2006

Just try some trusty command line options.. 'ls' 'df' etc.

Alternatley, leave the SD in the camera and attach the USB connector. I
have no problems with cameras and mobile phone(miniSD) with SUSE 10.1 at
all. - assuming the camera has USB support.

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> Kodak CX7330 3.1 mpixel Easy Share. Has anyone played with SD 
> memory cards 
> as commonly sold with digital camera's on their linux box?
> My camera shows this 256mb card as full. I can get the card 
> to show up on the kde desktop (miniITX with card
> reader) but no files are shown. Mount says it is a vfat file 
> system. Logs show details of the scsi system recognizing the 
> card and allocate sda1 to it. The mount point /mount/KODAK is 
> clearly established. 
> No errors are evident. Poxy SD Cards :(
> Brian
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