Routers and broadband

Michael Davies michael at
Wed May 31 02:01:05 CST 2006

On 5/31/06, Romana Branden <romana at> wrote:
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> Tzumli, Denise Dieckmann - TZUDD001 wrote:
> > Well I've made the leap and had Ubuntu installed on my computer.
> > Now comes the learning.
> >
> > I'm unable to set up my broadband connection, because I'm told by
> > Telstra, my Motorola modem doesn't support linux and I have to add a
> > router to my system.
> oh dear, hellstra support:) no, router ISNT necessary. fooey.
> bpalogin is installed, and configured when we did ubuntu install. what
> we need to do now is check the logs to see whats happening:) we an
> continue this offlist anyways:)

Just to confirm, I used to be a Telstra Bigpond Cable Linux user.  The
"surfboard" modem does work under Linux when you connect via ethernet,
not USB.  You'll need the bpalogin "heartbeat" to be generated
somehow, but once you've got that solved you should be fine.


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