computer software terms in Italian

Patrick Ernst patrick at
Tue May 30 12:54:07 CST 2006

Robyn M wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm having a mental blank!! I can't think of what to search for to find
> terms like 'drop down box' etc in Italian.
> An Italian student is translating my office training notes into Italian.
> We need to know if there is somewhere he could find out the Italian
> terms for software terms like 'drop down box' etc.
> Incidentally there is no Italian equivalent for word-wrap it takes
> several sentences to explain.
> Robyn

you could get a lot of information from the IRMA project. Its a 
non-programmers interface to the internation-I18N project. You can do 
lookups of other peoples translations as well as add your own.


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