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Thu May 25 06:40:55 CST 2006

Hi Andrew,

Just as a side note, many popular BitTorrent clients are now
implementing encryption - which might make things just a little bit
harder to track.

Kind Regards, 

Chris Partridge 

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> I've got a wireless network that is used by a variety of 
> users. They're authenticated to the network, then they get 
> carte blanch out to the Internet.
> For a variety of reasons outside of my control, that's how 
> it's going to stay.
> As you can imagine, that can be a bit of a problem. At the 
> moment, we're finding that people sitting around using things 
> like, say, BitTorrent and downloading massive files is 
> soaking up all the wireless bandwidth (that is, between the 
> AP and the client machines).
> Using tcpkill from the dsniff package, I've think I've 
> successfully managed to kill off some BitTorrent connections, 
> but from what I can tell, I can only see connections made by 
> other clients of my particular AP. Elsewhere in the building, 
> from another AP, there might be some other scallywag doing 
> exactly the same thing.
> To formulate a plan of attack, I want to get some sniffing 
> set up to show me the sort of traffic that is going through 
> the APs, allowing me to target my tcpkilling. I'll do that by 
> having RSPAN ports setup on our Cisco switches.
> Is snort the sort of thing that I want to look at? I've been 
> having a troll around the website, but I haven't got a clear 
> answer as to whether or not I'll be able to get some sort of 
> traffic pattern breakdown (e.g., 40% HTTP, 40% BitTorrent, 
> 20% FTP etc.).
> Is that doable? Should I be looking at something else that is 
> better suited to doing this kind of thing?
> It's been a while since I've had to do anything of this kind 
> of nature, so I'm a little rusty.
>    - andrew
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