OT (slightly): OSX mail attachment saving problem

David de Groot david at viking.org.au
Tue May 23 00:46:46 CST 2006

Shannon Lloyd wrote:
> <snip>
> Any clues as to how we might recover this document? Or should she just 
> resign herself to losing it? Word presumably saved *something* 
> *somewhere* when the save button was clicked, right?
Yep, it saved the copy that was in /tmp/$UID/..../$TEMPDOCNAME

Notice the use of past tense.... being in /tmp, it is likely gone now.

However, check /tmp/$UID   (where $UID is the account's user id number - 
usually 501 for the first account created on the machine), as providing 
you haven't restarted Mail since then, you might be lucky and it *might* 
still be there.


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