Security devices - VPN like (Kinda OT)

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Mon May 22 04:16:10 CST 2006

I have one as well from HSBC.  It's not a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

I think the way it works is it has its own internal clock and generates
the hash from the serial number which you have put into your online bank
account when it was issued.

They say the life of the device will be 3 years or so according to HSBC.
You can't resync or modify.  It's designed to be a secure device.  In
fact I'm pretty sure the terms and conditions forbid you from trying to
modify them.  How much would it cost?   How long is a piece of string.
You are forgetting the cost of the back end service that also generates
the same key and checks it against the one you put in when you login.
Large $$$$$

A friend of mine in Gov also has the same thing except for his Cisco VPN
client software for his PC.



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> Hi guys
> My bank (HSBC) has just issued these VPN-like devices that 
> you press a button and get a new key each time.
> I was wondering if anyone has had any experience programming 
> with these things or knows where to get them.
> Do they use their own server or an LDAP or Apache plugin?
> Where would you get them in Austarlia?
> How much do they cost?
> Do you have to "re-sync" them periodically?
> :)
> Any pointers would be great.
> Cheers
> J
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