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Netbeans provides a form based approach to GUI development where you can
drop and drag elements on to the panel. Eclipse does not provide this type
of development. Depending on how you want to design you program Eclipse has
UML plug-ins available which allow the UML class diagram with associations
to be drawn and the skeletal code to support the defined classes, attributes
and methods are created automatically from the diagram.

Eclipse is provided as open source code by IBM while Netbeans is proprietry
to Sun. I understand IBM has a subsidiary that creates add-ons for Eclipse
on a commercial basis but because of the open source nature of the base code
others have developed plug-ins some of which are free.


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>On 5/19/06, David Lloyd <lloy0076 at adam.com.au> wrote:
>> I'm planning on doing a bit of Java development and can't decide whether
>> to use the Eclipse IDE or Netbeans IDE.
>> Both appear to be able to do what I want (and both look like they might
>> have shared the same code base at some stage :P).
>Eclipse has a much larger user base and a significantly larger
>available of plugins.
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