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Wed May 17 20:53:47 CST 2006

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David Newall wrote:
> Bruce Everett said:
>> Am interested in the whole linux on phone/pda thing, but am at odds at
>> where to begin.
> I already told you: Nokia 770.  Nothing else comes close.  It's the
> screen; that's why I can and regularly do do my email on it, and why
> nobody else honestly does it on their PDA's pathetic QVGA (or worse)
> screen.  The 770 is a real computer in your palm.  The other day I was
> speaking to a client while logging in to their server with SSH, all while
> crossing North Tce; this is no lie!  Okay, not many cookies for road
> smarts, but damned impressive.

meh, i can ssh (putty for symbian), irc, web surf (opera pre installed),
add games (frozen bubble addict), and use the ereader software...
plays mp3s, is a working gps (again,installed the software), and do stuff.
and its an easy to use phone, too. thats important. but there is a the
few improvements id like, such as linux instead of symbian shiny, and
the clear hard cover shiny, ooo and it comes in RED shiny, and just
well, shiny!

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