wireless woes part 57

Spyro Polymiadis spiz at spiz.no-ip.com
Mon May 15 06:44:26 CST 2006

Shannon Lloyd wrote:
> David Newall wrote:
>> Don't WEP.  It's complicated, too complicated if you're not that 
>> interested, which I'm not, but the short answer is don't WEP.  
>> Wireless is insecure, just like the internet is insecure.  Get over 
>> it or use real security, which WEP is not. 
> You're making the assumption that everyone who uses WEP is using it 
> because they believe that it is securing their network. How about 
> those who use it because it is going to stop Joe Sixpack from next 
> door from getting onto my access point with his spyware-infested XP 
> Home box and chewing up gigabytes of my monthly quota downloading 
> Paris Hilton mpgs? I'm happy enough for my WEP setup to act as a 
> hurdle rather than as some sort of impenetrable wall. For most of the 
> people who can see my access point, the hurdle may as well be an 
> impenetrable wall anyway. If it keeps the average schmuck out, that's 
> good enough for me.
> Shannon

This is a good transcript from a show interviewing Steve Gibson from 
GRC, discussing securing your wireless connections.. I watched the 
episode when it aired on foxtel and pretty insightful as to how bad wep 
actually is..


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