wireless woes part 57++

Adam Hawes adamh at adpro.com.au
Mon May 15 06:39:01 CST 2006

> sort of impenetrable wall. For most of the people who can see 
> my access 
> point, the hurdle may as well be an impenetrable wall anyway. If it 
> keeps the average schmuck out, that's good enough for me.

And if you have WPA (or WPA2) support in your access point and all the hardware you've deployed then you should use it.

Granted, WPA on Linux adds a tad more of a configuration nightmare.  If you can get WEP or unsecured working then WPA is a small step; add the ieee80211 package (in some of the newer distros already) and add the wpa_supplicant program.  

It works fine for me on my Laptop (those few times I boot Linux on it).  Just make sure the supplicant is started in the boot scripts before the networking and told to wait for the interface to come up.  You might also want to add a sleep of a second or two right before the dhcp client is started to give the card and supplicant time to properly authenticate and associate with the AP.


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