Help needed: DVICO Fusion HDTV DVB-T Dual Digital withj RH-ES4

Thomas Sprinkmeier thomas.sprinkmeier at
Thu May 11 03:45:38 CST 2006


Thanks for your reply!

> Have you tried xawtv/motv pointed at the device listed in dmesg?
> i.e. motv -C /dev/dsp -c /dev/video0

Apparently that's been tried, no joy.
(I've been thrown at this project 'cos the card can't be made to
behave so I'm learning as I go :-)

> Or perhaps tvtime, has to be the easiest viewer to set up.


Do you know of any resources that I can use? mailing lists? gurus? sites?

> BTW, I don't drink :-)

Unless you're a Koala I assume you mean that you don't drink alcohol,
in which case I clariify my offer of "beverage" to "beverage,
optionally non-alcoholic (as in ginger beer) or other suitable


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