Disk partition sizes and uses

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(Assuming that this is useful for the list...)

Don Collins wrote:
> Hi Alphie,
> The change of partitions shouldn't be a problem for XP with the exception
> that it will not have the correct partition set as the system partition in
> your C:\boot.ini.  If you can manually edit this file to reflect the correct
> partition number then all should be fine.  Alternatively, you can delete the
> file and XP will discover where it boots from each time whilst telling you
> it can't find BOOT.INI.  :-)

Sorry, I should have mentioned that the NTFS partition is non-boot - the
XP system primarily lives on hda and I (unsuccessfully) tried to get
ntloader to open the SuSE 9 install using the linux.bin method -
apparantly the instructions I had were not correct.

> Another option is to boot from the install CD of XP and go into the Recovery
> Console.  Once there, run the command 'bootcfg /rebuild' and it will rebuild
> an appropriate boot.ini for you based on what XP installations it finds.

Any idea if it will pick up a Linux installation?

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