Changing case of file names?

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Thu May 4 00:12:12 CST 2006


>   Risking a flame war, if you want to invest the time to learn a new
>   language you better spend your time learning python. I used to be a
>   "perl monger" but realised that unfortunately my brain has limited
>   capacity to wrestle with unreadable code , and yes - i do need to
>   read my code next week quite often.

Simply because you can walk in front of trains and get squashed does not
imply that you do. Simply because one is incapable of producing readable
Perl code does not imply that Perl code needs to be unreadable.

If you implement an inefficient algorithm in Python, it will be
ineffecient in Perl, C, Jav, C++ or C#.


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