mpeg-ps to mpeg2

Rick Miles rickfrm at
Thu Jun 30 11:59:01 CST 2005

I'm not quite exactly what the problem is but...

I've saved a concert off of abc2 as a mpeg-ps using kaffeine
The mpeg-ps plays with both video and sound ok
I figured I'd clip off the minute or so before and after the show started then 
try burning to to a dvd but I've run into problems

I tried using dvdauthor but something is not right and I end up with a 
blank .vob file and an endless string of messages saying
"WARN: Skipping sector, waiting for first VOBU..."

My understanding is that an mpeg-ps is a vob file so I figured I could work 
directly with it via dvdauthor. Now I'm not sure.

Should I  be converting th mpeg-ps to something else first before using 
dvdauthor and if so what format and what ap to do it


Rick Miles

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