H.264 playback and encoding on Linux

Joseph Tan j.tan at SoftHome.net
Thu Jun 30 04:33:02 CST 2005

Hi Mark,

> So those Vorbis and Theora developers should give up, because even
> though they're happy to use what they themselves are developing (and
> give it away to others for free) they're not going to become
> multi-millionairs, and have vorbis supported on all portable music
> players ?

Of course not. That's not what I said or implied.

> Open source "youngsters" really seem to be using market dominance or
> market success as the _only_ criteria to judge the success or failure of
> the
> products of open source philosophy and other related areas such as patent
> free audio
> and video.

I do not consider dominance in the marketplace the _only_ criteria of
success. I won't get into the other reason because on LinuxSA we all know
them. However, you have to admit, dominance in the marketplace a pretty
big factor as to what technologies we use and buy. For most people, if an
audio codec that isn't supported with the devices you already have or is
widely available, you're less inclined to use it.

Joseph Tan

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