Stupid filesystem idea

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Tue Jun 28 06:19:56 CST 2005

David Newall wrote:
> Glen Turner wrote:
>> Shoot me down. I know this is stupid, and yet it has a
>> sneaky attraction.
> Plenty of file systems have worked like that in the past, albeit without 
> the severe limit on maximum file count!  The reason we went to 'random' 
> allocation of blocks, rather than sequential allocation, was to avoid 
> the need to move files backwards or forwards on the disk in order to get 
> free space for file growth or new files.

It was to avoid the need for allocation maps and the like
that imposed the one file limit.  For this particular set
of users that's actually OK.

Someone did point out that the creation of a lost+found
directory might be bad :-)

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