Sunday Mail Article

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Mon Jun 13 05:09:36 CST 2005


>Personally I think it's the duty of ALL Linux users to demand that their
>representive organisations like Linux Australia and the others, to not
>only be "seen to be doing their jobs" but actually accomplishing the
>promotion and distribution of information on Linux and what it has to
That sounds a little bit demanding...

> A point I tried to make on the list and seems to have gone
>completely unnoticed and obviously of little interest to the rest of
And that borders on being rude. How dare you claim that it's "obviously 
of little interest to the rest of linuxsa" especially when I think 
you're actually lumping me in with "the rest of linuxsa"?

>I'm not sure what else I could be doing except to perhaps contact the
>other media organisations to inform them that I at least am willing to
>answer their questions if no one else will.
Why don't you? Or why don't you contact Linux Australia and see if they 
need any help in SA to do such things? Or why don't you turn up at an 
OSIA meeting and see if you can help out there? Or help out at AUUG-SA 
who could do such things?

LinuxSA hasn't ever really been interested in marketing and the media 
except for when it's been helping to organise Installfests or LCA's and 
then its marketing efforts have been to attract people to those events. 
It may be valid to see if it wants to change its perspective or focus 
but *demanding* it changes focus sounds rather, well, presumptuous.


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