Intel mac hardware specifics

Joseph Tan j.tan at
Mon Jun 13 02:49:48 CST 2005

> I'd have a G5, and unlike most commentators, I don't think they're that
> dear compared to other name-brand systems. You do get a lot of quality
> engineering in the box. The signs are there, that if Apple can solve
> their OSX threading problems, MacTel will kick butt. :)

I agree the MacTel machine would mean equivalent performance to the best
x86 machine available with the professionalism and ease-of-use of Mac

To be blunt and honest I'm tired of spending hours configuring my Linux
distributions (Suse and Ubuntu) to work as a second-rate desktop
machine. I honestly couldn't care if my tools are free or not, I want it
to work.

If the leading Linux distributions cannot the professionalism of Mac OS
X by the 2006-2007 time period I'll probably say game over and run a
dual boot Mac OS X and Windows XP machine.

Joseph Tan

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