what is LM Social Server?

paul scriptor at tpg.com.au
Thu Jun 9 06:03:25 CST 2005

Steve wrote:

> Well, after wasting yet another night fixing someone's damn windows
> machine for the price of a couple of beers and a few games of pool -
> Id
> recommend blocking outbound connections on :
> Port 80         (Fixes most ie bugs)
> Port 110/25     (Fixes most outlook bugs, and prevents outgoing spam)
> Port 21         (Fixes a lot of auto-updating spyware)
> Dont know really - maybe its a best policy to allow a few known-good
> ports to head outwards, and chop off everything else by default.
> Ditto with incoming traffic.

Thanks - good advice. I found a quick solution: sever all cables leading
to Win boxes with a pair of scissors. I'm still working on the wireless
network firewall solution.

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