Mac is Dead

David de Groot david at
Wed Jun 8 13:10:53 CST 2005

On 08/06/2005, at 5:50 PM, Jason Tan wrote:

> However when lots of people use your product, the people who sell them 
> the whizz bang widget support the whizbang widget and do so happily as 
> part of the cost of accessing your market.
> Eg I'm fairly sure that MS don't support say, Asus's video cards.
> Or 3com's network cards.
> Asus supports their own cards, 3 com supports their own cards.
> Asus also write the drivers for the, looka fter the updates etc etc.
> Ie if you can get a shed load of users ther people do your support 
> work for you and write your drivers etc etc.

While that's true of MS, remind me again which company has the more 
stable OS ?

A closed hardware platform means that the OS is written for known 
hardware and thus can be fully tested on said hardware without having 
to worry about crappy code written by third party vendors.

I for one like the closed hardware path Apple have taken (and are 
likely to continue to take) as it's proved itself quite well so far.


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