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Mark Smith xorp at 020602005a5b40404e4440475758417a.nosense.org
Wed Jun 8 10:56:33 CST 2005

Hi Kylie,

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 20:31:25 +0930
Kylie <kmw at lm.net.au> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm installing Kubuntu Hoary Hedgehog 5.04 from cd.  The box has the
> right specs to run Kubuntu.  What's happening is this-
> All goes fine until it gets to 'configure apt' which fails, I've
> retried it several times but it just won't work so that when it
> finishes the install and reboots it doesn't install or configure any
> other packages.  What I end up with is a half finished install.  I've
> Googled and I've looked at the Ubuntu forums etc.
> Any ideas anyone?

Maybe the install CD is corrupt. If you downloaded a .ISO of it, did you
verify the md5sum that is usually shown on the .ISO download page, or in
a easily identifiable file in the same place the .ISO file is located ?


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