Re-using laptops from the last century

paul scriptor at
Wed Jun 8 06:05:08 CST 2005

Andy wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just been looking into different strategies that have been used on 
> re-using old laptops with Linux and came across a couple of articles 
> that may be of interest to anyone with an older laptop:
> This address is an older article for an even older machine - 16mb ram,
> 500mb hdd:
> Andy

The second article about installing on the very humble laptop was
interesting. I've never tried anything that ambitious but can recommend
Slackware as the distro for oldish laptops. I recently  installed
Slackware 10.0  on a p133 laptop with 32ram. It works really well as a
test webserver with  Apache and PHP. The install was trouble free -
can't remember a hitch at all. 

Paul C.

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