LAN & DSL on single nic

Robert Golding robert.golding at
Tue Jun 7 12:22:56 CST 2005

On 6/7/05, Adam Hawes <adam.hawes at> wrote:
> > ifconfig gives;
> >
> > BoxA
> > inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
> >
> > BoxB
> > inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
> >
> > Pinging works, both machines show about 0.1ms return.
> Then the machines can talk to each other.  All you need is higher
> level protocols to get it to work.
> >
> > Now, neither machine has MS, so Samba isn't needed is it?  Is this
> > where I go and look at NFS closer?
> Depends on what you want to do... Samba gives a few nice features like
> "authentication" and the ability to browse the network and see what
> machines have file/printer shares.  It also shares printers somewhat
> transparently with the default config.
> NFS/AFS/Coda/etc is the go for Unix/Unix sharing.  Dispense with this
> bloated M$ protocol alltogether.
> On a side note, how long to Telstra take to answer their after-hours
> numbers? I have been on hold for about 30 minutes now...
> A
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> Adam Hawes
> adam.hawes at
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Thankyou people,

I couldn't see the trees for the forest, but once I had ping (thanks
Adam & Daryl), it all fell together.

Have setup the printer through Cups with BoxA as Cups Server and BoxB
as client.  Have file sharing via NFS and now reading to see if I can
get the scanner to work across the network.

Regards,	Robert

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