LAN & DSL on single nic

Robert Golding robert.golding at
Tue Jun 7 03:53:17 CST 2005

Hi all,

Unfortunately, the HowTo's for networking are either assuming
knowledge I don't have, or, very badly written.  It could also be that
no-one has set anything up how I need to, or, it is assumed too easy
for a Howto.

I have trolled many user forums and read everything I can on this
subject, but I am either too thick to get it, or it doesn't cover what
I want to do.

My problem:

At the moment I have two machines at home, both running Gentoo (Stage1
builds - woohoo!).
Single NIC in each machine.
8 port Ethernet Mini Switch (Hub)
D-Link DSL-302G ADSL Modem
HP LaserJet 6P

The connections are;

DSL Modem to Hub
BoxA to Hub
BoxB to Hub
Printer to BoxA


Both boxes have "iface=dhcp" and are assigned ip addresses from the
DSL modem.  At the moment both boxes are connected to the internet,
however, they are not able to talk to each other.  As I do not have a
Windows machine here, I am unable to tell if the modem is set to NAT
(modem is supplied from Optusnet and setup only works from IE,
user-agent doesn't work on it)

I want to know how to set up the boxes so they can talk to each other,
and still remain on the net, plus have the printer available to both

I think this needs the nic to be aliased (eth0-1) so that the alias is
given iface_eth0-1=ip-bc-nm and eth0 still stays as iface_eth0=dhcp. 
How do I give eth0 the alias of eth0-1?  If this is not right, what do
I do as a solution to this.

One thing though, I am very low in the money stakes at the moment, so
cannot afford additional nics, besides, there should be a way to do
this without buying more.

Any ideas, thoughts appreciated :-)

Regards,	Robert

..... Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the sun, but
I have never been able to make out the numbers.
Errata: Spelling mistakes are not intentional, except that I don't use
spell checkers.  It's too easy to allow the spell checker to make the
decisions and use words that are out of context for that being written
(i.e. their/there, your/you're, threw/through and even accept/except),
not to mention foreign (I'm Australian) English spelling (i.e.
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