Purchasing Memory

Andy andrewmurray at internode.on.net
Mon Jun 6 06:05:49 CST 2005

    Hi Brian,

    ddr memory will work normally with one stick.

    Depending on your motherboard, it may be capable of syncing 2
    similar memory sticks to perform better - my soltek board only works
    on 2 of the 3 ram slots in that fashion.

    If you buy a quality brand of memory, it should work ok on unmatched
    but same specs pairs of the same brand.  I tried to save some money
    on some cheap memory - $58.00 for ddr 512mb (3200) but it failed
    dismally on both sticks.  Took it back to the shop and luckily they
    gave me my money back.  Went for a more expensive brand and it
    worked ok.

    PS:  I read recently (/. i think) that the cheap ram is leaving the
    factories unchecked to keep their prices down, so buyer beware !


Brian wrote:

>Correct me if I am wrong but when purchasing memory, to get dual channel you need to
>think in pairs. If you can afford 1 stick 500mb, I guess it will still work
>but in a limited fashion, that is until you can get a mating pair. 
>In addition there is a danger you will not get an identical mating stick if you
>purchase later on. Does it matter ?

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