What "Fair Use" exceptions would you like to see?

Shannon Lloyd sjlloyd at likwid.com
Thu Jun 2 05:34:45 CST 2005

steve wrote:

> I can see the charges being read in court now anyway :
>"And the accused was found to have in his possesion several hundred
>burnt CD's of a huge range of computer software .. namely the entire set
>of 'Red Hat' distros from version 2 through to version 9 .. Several BSD
>versions, Ubuntu, SoL, FreeDOS, Apache, SQL servers, etc, etc.
>At the time of forced entry to the premises, the accused's machine was
>flat out downloading more software from the internet, which by his own
>admission was automated using a tool known as 'emerge' which
>automatically grabs everything new on a daily basis .. this tool as well
>was deliberately downloaded and installed by the accused without having
>paid a single cent in licencing fees ... <stern look from prosecution

The accused was asked to surrender his computer, upon which he replied, 
"I can't. It won't be finished compiling for another week!"

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